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Bridges, Highways, Bicycle Trails

Missouri is currently considering sending a ballot measure to the people to ask for a 1% sales tax increase for transportation infrastructure.
I introduced an amendment that would take the word “bicycle” out of the constitutional amendment proposal because I don’t believe that roads and bridges should have to compete with bike trails in parks etc. for repairs and other maintenance. Currently in my county (Franklin) we have much needed bridges that desperately need work and/or are in danger of being closed.
My amendment won't actually eliminate all the funding for bike infrastructure but what it will do is prevent from codifying in the MO Constitution that the role of MO government is the maintenance of local bike trails scattered throughout the state.
To my knowledge, MODot ALREADY offers grant money for bicycle infrastructure for bike lanes on the roads for cities who need it to keep the roads safer and the MO legislature also offers supplemental revenue from the general revenue fund for the same purpose and my amendment does not  jeapardize any of that.