You will never understand the American experiment nor will you ever have the appreciation for American's founding documents, its history and institutions until you understand why it is that you as an individual have rights. It isn't your nationality or your race or pedigree by which you have your rights - you have them by virtue of being a person. 

America's Founding Fathers understood that American government would only ever be legitimate if it's authority was derived from the people it was designed to serve.


Don't Tread On Me gives a simple and easy to understand breakdown of the source of our rights and then explains how our rights are the foundation or all government authority and how the people can take their country back from an overbearing and intrusive government.




Book also contains the text of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and a chapter of nothing but quotes from the founders and other statesmen.


A good book for your "I love America!" shelf at home and a must read for new voters.



Don't Tread On Me: The Constitution and State Sovereignty


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